Your home is your most valuable asset!  WV Title Express professionals will assure that you are protected against adverse title claims or risks, long after closing.  Assure the property you are buying will be yours and that no one else can make a claim or restriction against your home, even if it's decades later.  Get a quote today and protect your investment! 

Title Insurance

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance protects a homeowner when the condition of title is different than is stated in the policy. It protects you from prior defects in title that remain undisclosed even after the most careful title search. That is what makes title insurance so important! Title insurance differs from most other types of insurance in two key ways. Title insurance has a one-time-only fee, paid upfront. Unlike other insurance that protects from events that may occur in the future, title insurance covers defects that have happened in the past. Most defects are uncovered during the review process. However, the Chain of Title can  sometimes be very complex.

What Does Title Insurance Do?

If a defect is not discovered or is undiscoverable through the title search, and later causes a problem with the title, a title insurance policy helps cover the cost of resolving the issue.  While this is a simplified explanation of title insurance, defects in title can be very complicated.  For example, a prior owner could have had unpaid property taxes, construction bills, or a previous unpaid mortgage.  Any of these problems could results in a lien against the property if it is not discovered during a careful examination of public records.  A lien is a conditional right to possession of property belonging to another person until a debt owed by that person is discharged.

Title Services

Prior to Closing

  • Conduct Title Search
  • Coordinate all aspects of title services with appropriate parties
  • Prepare all necessary documents

After Closing

  • Satisfy all lender requirements
  • Record Transfer Documents
  • Issue Title Insurance Policy

Title Protection & Cost

What Does Title Insurance Protect From?

Improperly Delivered Grantors | Undisclosed Heirs | Forged Documents | Incompetent Grantors | False Affidavits of Death or Heirship |  Probate Matters | Fraud | Deeds and Wills by Persons of Unsound Mind | Incorrect Marital Statements | Rights of Divorced Parties | Adverse Possession | Defective Acknowledgements Due to Improper or Expired Notarization | Forfeitures of Real Property due to Criminal Acts | Mistakes and Omissions | Tax Record Errors   

How Much Does Title Insurance Cost?

Premiums are controlled and approved by the Insurance Commission.  Premiums are paid only one time; cost depends upon the purchase price of the property .  The policy amount must equal the purchase price.

The insurance provides reimbursement for the resulting monetary loss up to the stated policy limit coverage or costs for defending a legal action challenging the title.

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